We recently partnered with VSCO to ask five photographers around the world to share their interpretation of #TheOuterLimits. After we received their stunning images, we asked you–the public—to do the same. The results were nothing short of extraordinary. Hundreds of people shared what #TheOuterLimits meant to them on their VSCO pages, and we were truly in awe of the creativity and talent that went into the project. From the many photographs we received, we finally chose an image of a cloudy Iceland by Digi Von Douglas as the winner. It was an extremely difficult decision to make thanks to the countless talented photographers who contributed to #TheOuterLimits project. See the winning photo and some of our favorite submissions below and on VSCO.

vsco_2 Winning photo by Digi Von Douglas

vsco_2Photo by Alessandra Longhi

vsco_3Photo by Marcin Stempien

vsco_4Photo by Valerio Capitani

vsco_5Photo by Anna Jones

vsco_6Photo by hmariam

vsco_7Photo by Nicole Lattanzi

vsco_8Photo by Peter Sikora

vsco_9Photo by Marzia B

vsco_10Photo by Allison Banta

vsco_11Photo by Carley Scott Fields

vsco_12Photo by jinerous

vsco_13Photo by Anna Jones

vsco_14Photo by Joanna Mansfield

vsco_15Photo by Eric M

vsco_16Photo by Benjamin Lee

vsco_17Photo by Matt McIntosh