On Location / Colorado

Spring / Summer 2017

When we decide on a location for our shoots, we always try to head somewhere visually stunning but also somewhere we can explore, finding undiscovered corners and unexpected backdrops all along the way. Our photo shoots evolve and grow as they go, starting off as one thing and often becoming something new as inspiration takes hold.

For Spring/Summer ’17, we decided to head to the picturesque Aspen, Colorado, a town dear to our hearts because it is home to one of our retail locations. We began the adventure by exploring Aspen’s more remote spots and the surrounding areas of the Roaring Fork Valley, all set deep in the Rocky Mountains. We made our way up and down winding mountain roads and valleys, going off trail wherever we could, sometimes getting lost (and sometimes getting stuck).   Continue reading below…

Finally we decided upon two locations for our shoot, one a spectacular ranch deep in Old Snowmass, the other, Independence Pass, a windy, high-mountain road that connects Aspen and Leadville and is so treacherous it is closed during the winter. We pulled over at various spots along the pass, often hiking or bouldering our way into locations, discovering gorgeous rock formations, secret swimming holes, and expansive vistas wherever we ventured.

We concluded the shoot where Independence Pass intersects the Continental Divide at 12,000 feet, shooting our final images as the sun set against the imposing mountain ranges in the distance. Here, some images from our Colorado adventure for Spring ’17. ·

The Packing List

A selection of clothes we brought with us to Colorado.

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