Death Valley

On Location

Our latest moto adventure took us to Death Valley, the lowest, driest, and hottest area in North America at a stunning 282-feet below sea level. Death Valley greets you with wide-open expanses as far as the eye can see, making it an ideal spot to ride its long, twisting roads. The 120-mile basin bordering Eastern California and Nevada was given its name by the settlers who crossed the brutally hot valley in the late 1800s in search of gold in the West. As you make your way through Death Valley—the landscape gradually shifting from rock sculptures and canyons to sand dunes and mountains—it’s hard not to wonder how they ever survived this relentless trek.

We headed there equipped with a kit of AETHER motorcycle gear‚ including our Navigator Jacket, Range Pant, and a soon-to- be-released leather jacket, to see how they fared in the elements. If Death Valley is on your must-ride list, the fall and early winter are an ideal time to head there, but be forewarned: It’s still decently hot in Death Valley in the fall—that is, until the sun sets and the temperature plummets dramatically, creating a welcome relief from the unforgiving sun. The serious change in weather puts to use our jackets’ bells and whistles, including breathable fabrics and plenty of venting.

We hope wherever your fall rides take you, you have as much fun and see as many spectacular sites as we did. Here, shots from our latest two-wheeled adventure.

The Packing List

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